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Aspen Tree Wallpaper Tiles

Aspen Tree Wallpaper Tiles

SKU: JE_DYW_aspentreeturquoise
Price: $84.00

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  • LIMITATIONS: Due to the wide variability of interior walls, sealants and paints, no claims for successful applications or removal are made. It is the users’ responsibility to determine the products suitability for the intended wall. These products are designed for smooth wall applications and work best on gloss or semigloss enamel. read more

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Aspen Tree Wallpaper Tiles

Two Sheets 50'' x 22''

Wallpaper Tiles are a fun and carefree way to decorate any space! Along with being easy to install and completely removable it is also re-useable. Great for renters.

  • 100% removable, reusable and re-positionable
  • Can be cut and collaged to fit any space.

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