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Christmas Gifts ~ Christmas Wall Decals

Christmas Gifts ~ Christmas Wall Decals

Christmas Gifts ~ Christmas Wall Decals

Gifts on Christmas don't just go under the tree. These gifts go on your walls and make a great accent or center piece for your holiday decor and they can be used year after year!

SKU: JE_DYW_presents
Price: $44.54

Ordering Tips

  • LIMITATIONS: Due to the wide variability of interior walls, sealants and paints, no claims for successful applications or removal are made. It is the users’ responsibility to determine the products suitability for the intended wall. These products are designed for smooth wall applications and work best on gloss or semigloss enamel. read more

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Includes 8 presents.
Presents range in height from 20'' to 7''.
Single Sheet of 42'' x 40''.

Wall Hugs ™ wall decals are a fun way to personalize any space!

  • 100% removable, reusable and repositionable
  • Extremely durable and resilient
  • Can be endlessly stacked on-top of each other
  • Original and beautiful designs you won't find anywhere else!