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Santa Claus and his Reindeer ~ Christmas Wall Decals

Santa Claus and his Reindeer ~ Christmas Wall Decals

Santa Claus and Reindeer ~ Christmas Wall Decals

Take the reins this Christmas Season with this Santa Clause and Reindeer Wall Decal. Comes in 13 different colors!

SKU: JE_DYW_santaclaus
Price: $54.44

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  • LIMITATIONS: Due to the wide variability of interior walls, sealants and paints, no claims for successful applications or removal are made. It is the users’ responsibility to determine the products suitability for the intended wall. These products are designed for smooth wall applications and work best on gloss or semigloss enamel. read more

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Comes on transfer tape for easy application.
Decal is 70'' wide and 12'' tall.
Wall Hugs ™ cut vinyl wall decals are a fun way to personalize any space!

  • Cut Vinyle has the appearance of a painted surface
  • Extremely durable and resilient
  • Original and beautiful designs you won't find anywhere else!
  • Can be easily removed without damaging surface