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DYW + Centsational Style


Looking for creative ways to refresh a powder room, Kate Riley, creator of Centsational Style, chose a beautiful blue wallpaper "Ride the Wave" from the DesignYourWall website. She "had a vision of a fresh blue and white coastal inspired space" and this wallpaper complimented her idea perfectly.

Here are some of the photos from the refreshed powder room:

By using the bright, light blue wallpaper rather than the previous dark brown shade, the small powder room seems more spacious and airy. The continuous design on the wallpaper also creates a more pleasant and calming atmosphere in the room, producing a cohesive and enjoyable space.

The blue wave pattern of the wallpaper is paired expertly with white and bronze accents, creating a fresh, coastal-inspired space. The designer included some of the accents that were in the room previously, such as the mirror, the glass wall shelf, the light fixture, and the window shade. However, just like as she refreshed the room itself, she refurbished many of her previous items in order to make them fit more cohesively in her design.

To refresh your own room, look through our pages for inspiration, and if you do not see something that catches your eye, then make your own using our Design Your Own page. If the thought of installation makes you nervous, don’t worry. We have all of the instructions you need to make the process simple and enjoyable. Our instructions provide you with all of the information that you need such as cost, image size, etc.

At DesignYourWall, we make it easy to create the room of your dreams.

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Images courtesy of Kate Riley