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How to Use Custom Murals in Your Office to Enhance Productivity


Running your own business is hard work. Maintaining relationships with your customers, managing your inventory and keeping your accounts up-to-date are hard enough without tossing office design issues into the mix. So no one will blame you if changing the color of your office walls is not one of your top priorities. But the truth is that your staff is the lifeblood of your company. If your employees are not maintaining a steady level of productivity, your business will suffer. And, believe it or not, when it comes to the productivity of your workforce, office decor matters.

It has long been known that color affects our moods. But did you know that varying workspace colors also affect productivity? Research has shown that employees who work in bright, vibrant environments are more alert and therefore more focused on their tasks. This focus leads to an increased work output overall. In fact, workers who were in all-white environments made significantly more errors in their performance than when they were placed in environments with red and/or green in the surroundings. The overall conclusion was that multi-colored environments can lead to more productive employees.

Not all colors were shown to have the same effect, however. Blue keeps workers calm and increases productivity by allowing them to stay focused on the task at hand. Yellow is believed to stimulate creativity, making it a great choice for designers and artists who are seeking inspiration. Green is easy on the eyes, making it a good color for those who spend extended time in their offices. And red is a great attention-grabber, making it a wonderful choice for catching the eye and making your staff feel more energetic.

A wall mural is a great way to add color to your office, and it offers more versatility than traditional paint. You can use different murals on each wall, or offset murals with other wall decor for a more eye-catching look. Redo your office from the floor up, or choose a mural which flatters your workspace’s existing design style. Whatever your choice, you can find an incredible number of murals to choose from, from patterns to photographs to text. Pre-made murals come in a number of designs and patterns, and the availability of custom murals ensures that your options are nearly limitless when choosing this design style.

So what can you do to increase productivity in your own workspace?

Making internal changes to your office may make a bigger difference than you would expect. To most employees, their work is more than just a job. It is their home away from home, and a place for them to express themselves and to receive recognition for their contributions. By focusing time and attention on your office interior, you are demonstrating to your employees that you take pride in the appearance of your office, and that they should, too. Changing your decor can make your office feel like a new place, and can give your workers a newfound energy and excitement for their work.

When it comes to making big changes in a small amount of time, wall murals are the perfect choice. They allow you to accomplish more with your wall space than you would with simple paint or wallpaper. A beach scene or cityscape, for example, can make a break-room feel like a true departure during the workday. Plus, a mural is more than simply its aesthetics. It is also a great way to convey an idea or company slogan. For example, you could use a motivational statement or a company motto as part of your mural to inspire employees and to remind them of the driving force behind their work. You can even use advertising-style murals to provide sales staff with quick, accessible information that they can pass on to your customers.

How to Choose a Mural

Given all of the above information, you may have decided that murals are a good choice for your office, but you are unsure of where to start. Wall design can definitely be one of those categories for which the vast number of available options actually leaves you feeling more confused. But don’t worry. By simply asking yourself a few questions, you can narrow down your possibilities and find the mural that is best for your space.

What is the size of the wall are you trying to cover?

Regardless of what type of mural you choose, perspective matters. Therefore, you must consider the size of your space when selecting or designing a mural. A large-sized nature print will not be a good choice if everyone who uses that space is too close up to see, or appreciate, the whole image. On the other hand, if your space is abnormally large, then you do not want a loud repeating pattern which will strain the eyes. If you are having trouble discerning which type of pattern will work with your particular wall space, you should contact a wall design expert (available from most wall covering companies) for some professional feedback.

What work is performed in the space where you wish to place a mural?

Another important question to keep in mind when choosing a mural is what activities are done in that space. Using company mantras and advertising-type murals on a sales floor is a smart choice, but using that same mural in a break-room might feel like overkill to your employees. On the other hand, while a nature scene might be nice in an employee rest area, using that same mural in a workspace may not be beneficial for productivity. (Generally speaking, you don’t want your staff daydreaming about being on a beach when they’re supposed to be working.) Therefore, before you decide upon a mural, you should think about the type of activities which are going to be performed in that space and select your mural accordingly.

What do want your mural to accomplish?

This question may be the most difficult to answer, but it is also the most important. What do you want your mural to do for your office? Perhaps the simpler question is what brought you to consider adding a mural in the first place? Are you bored with your office space and looking for a change? Perhaps you are looking for something to greet your customers when they step through your door? Or maybe just a mural for your own private workspace? As you are considering what type of mural best suits your needs, think about why you want to purchase a mural, such as whether it is for your customers, your employees, or both. Figuring out who your audience may be will help you to decide which type of mural will be best for your space.

Covering your simple office walls with a mural is a simple way to make a large impact. If you are looking to change your office decor, whether for your staff or for your customers, a mural is a great choice. Custom murals can increase productivity and the overall job experience for your workforce, making them a wonderful investment which produce beautiful results.