How to Hang Glass Beaded Wallpaper

Safety Notice: Wear goggles and gloves

Prior to Installation:

  • Examine each roll to be sure the product is what was ordered. Hang in sequence as cut from bolt. No adjustment or claim will be considered because of variation in color or shading once material has been cut.
  • The Paperhanger assumes full responsibility when he/she cuts the wallpaper supplied. Positively no allowance for cut rolls and claims for labor will not be entertained.
  • Carefully inspect the installation after applying one strip before proceeding. If, at any time during the installation, a discrepancy occurs, STOP immediately. Contact DesignYourWall before proceeding.
  • Avoid folding or creasing that may create markings on the product.
  • Material should be hung with the same top - not reversed.
  • Material is not pre-trimmed.

Wall Preparation:

  • Proper wallpaper preparation is essential. Generally walls must be smooth and clean. Wallcoverings will not adhere well to dirt, soap or grease. Clean the walls with household detergent or with a solution of six parts water to one part ammonia and rinse with clean water.
  • It is recommended to remove all old wallcoverings.
  • Always turn off the electricity and remove any switch plates, wall fixtures, outlet plates, etc., before you begin to hang the paper.
  • When applying wallpaper over plaster walls, always smooth out any rough spots with a sander and fill any holes or cracks with patching plaster or spackling compound.
  • Always apply wallcovering primer prior to installation. This ensures an even surface for the wallpaper to adhere making it easier to hang and remove later on.
  • Apply a single coat of pigmented sealer on new and unpainted walls followed by wallcovering primer or sizing, such as Romans R-35 or Zinsser Shields Plus

Wall Application:

  • Trim glass beaded wallcovering on the table, not on the wall.
  • Trim from back with a paper hanger's straight edge, cutting only the backing material and not attempting to cut through the glass beads. Once the backing material is cut, the selvage or excess can then be pulled away like a zipper and discarded. It is not necessary that this line be absolutely straight.
  • Apply professional grade pre-mixed clear vinyl adhesive.
  • Use a new blade after each cut.
  • Use a soft bristle brush after trimming with a single edge razor blade.
  • A wooden seam roller is recommended for the seams.
  • Small gaps may be present and is part of the installation. Seams will be visible and placement of seams and joints should be worked into the architecture.
  • Let any excess paste dry. Then dried paste may be flaked off with a vinyl sweep or terry cloth.
  • Surface of glass beads can be gently wiped with a cloth dampened with a clear Windex or other clear glass cleaner.
  • The non-woven backing for the wallcovering is highly flexible and can be installed on both inside and outside corners.

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