How to Hang Grasscloth Wallpaper

Please note that due to the exclusive use of natural materials processed almost entirely by hand, certain distinguishing and enhancing imperfections and color shades are an integral part of the impression of these wallcoverings.

Prior to Installation:

  • Examine each roll to be sure the product is what was ordered.
  • Since there can be variations within each bolt, you should compare, prior to cutting, both side edges of each strip with the previous strip. This will help you create the most pleasing variation of color. No adjustment or claim will be considered because of variation in color or shading once material has been cut.
  • Although thorough inspection is given to the wallcoverings, the ultimate responsibility for final inspection and approval of the material before installation is that of the customer. We are not responsible for labor cost in the installation of incorrect or imperfect material.
  • Carefully Inspect the installation after applying three strips before proceeding. If, at any time during the installation, a discrepancy occurs, stop. Contact the designer or innovations before proceeding.

Wall Preparation:

  • Proper wallpaper preparation is essential.
  • Generally walls must be smooth, clean, and dry. Wallcoverings will not adhere well to dirt, soap, or grease. Clean the walls with household detergent or with a solution of six parts water to one part ammonia and rinse with clean water.
  • Thoroughly clean surfaces showing traces of efflorescence or mold.
  • It is recommended to remove all old wallcoverings.
  • Always turn off the electricity and remove any switch plates, wall fixtures, outlet plates, etc. before you begin to hang the paper.
  • When applying wallpaper over plaster walls, always smooth out any rough spots with a sander and fill any holes or cracks with patching plaster or spackling compound.
  • Apply a single coat of pigmented sealer on new and unpainted walls followed by wallcovering primer or sizing.
  • Always apply wallcovering primer prior to installation, such as Romans R-35 or Zinsser Shields Plus. This ensures an even surface for the wallpaper to adhere making it easier to hang and remove later on. After this procedure, the surface should be allowed to dry for about 24 hours.

Wall Application:

  • For hanging, we recommend the use of a heavy duty, non-staining, clear wallpaper adhesive.
  • Strips must be table trimmed. Material is not pre-trimmed.
  • Grasscloth wallpaper must be reverse hung.
  • Use strips in exact order as they are cut from the roll. Fill in over door and windows as you come to them with strips cut in consecutive order from the roll.
  • IMPORTANT - Avoid getting any adhesive on the front surface of product to prevent staining.

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